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Brody’s Make A Wish Baby Dragon

Had the wonderful privilege to be able to work on a local Make A Wish project! We helped bring to life a baby dragon for Brody Copat awesome wish! Click here for more info!

Touch Screen Controller

Proprietary touch screen controller for interfacing a CNC controlled saw, with an encoder and GUI. Features a unique graphics processor for offloading drawing from the micro-controller! Estimated production cost $60.00 per unit.


Bluetooth 4.0 Servo / PWM Controller

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Goto: www.gigamint.com to purchase


Bluetooth Low Energy HVAC Damper Control. iPhone and Android App

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Bluetooth Low Energy Off-Road Vehicle Accessory Control, iPhone and Android App.

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Data Athletics

Smart Block is sprint training starting block. It tracks and manages complete athlete training, including start times, foot pressure, run times and much more. All data is easily accessed via the accompanying iOS or Android app!

Bluetooth 4.0 Lighting

Designed and manufactured prototype PCB's for the SymbeeCo SymbeeStars, a iPhone controlled LED accent light.


Designed the PCB control board for a smart phone controlled sprinkler system, called the SmartRotor. The SmartRotor manages water usage by controlling the pattern that the rotor follows and reports back to a smart phone.


zDevice is an open software, open hardware platform for easy control, automation, and monitoring of "things" in your life.

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Creativity is the prerequisite to innovation. Creative thinking and meditation on a problem are key to the success of a given idea. At Star Technologies we strive to find simple, creative solutions for your idea, product, app or system.



So you have a great idea… What now? Our specialty is taking your great idea to the next level; from conception through prototyping and on to design for manufacturing. Most of our current projects have a high level of electro-mechanical integration or embedded software. At the moment we are working on a lot of Bluetooth Low Energy projects.



We have very talented people in mechanical, electrical, and software design in-house at our disposal to tackle the most difficult design challenges. Our lead designers all have product designs that have successfully made it to market and you can leverage that experience to avoid some of the common pitfalls in new product design.



Solid design and development are key to launching a successful product. At Star Technologies we believe we have the right people and experience necessary to help bring your great idea to fruition in a lean, efficient manner. Hopefully giving your idea the best chance for success!

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